Who are we ..
Our origin.
Producer of plastic since 1998, the company RESTICERCA, inherits the productive and technological capacity of his founder.
Antonio Alves, established the company after verifying the necessity to fill gaps in the agricultural area for the protection of trees in reforestation.
The growth in the recent years is a reflection of the work done.
Agricultural Shelters.
We are the few companies in the world with capacity to produce agricultural corrugated shields.
The corrugated protectors allow extra protection in the field, not only to protect from animals but also to provide a greenhouse, allowing the plant stronger growth in the several seasons.
Simple shields that protect the plant from animal attacks and treatments to campus, your greenhouse is lower than corrugated
Network protectors for protection of small rodents and some mechanical attacks.
Lacing Wire.
We produce lacing wire for pruning, this lacing wire can be made in skeins (2kg) or coils (1Kg), one of the most practical systems for lacing the outbreaks.
Plastic Bags.
Production of simple bags with self-adhesive closers or tabs. For industrial and domestic consumption, it can be sent in rolls, different sizes and shaps.
Innovative system of protection for plants already grown.
Drilling system.
Innovative drilling system in continuous, allowing drilling in several and different dimensions connected to the extrusion system.
Top-Head improved system.
The automated system for opening the heads of the shelters has been substantially improved in July 2013.
UV protection.
Increased longevity of shelter tubes and nets, with the application of UV shield, we can guarantee up to 3 years of protection for your plants.
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Plastic Bags
Lacing Wire
We are the best partner for your growing plant in the field ...
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